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Farmer's Harvest

The Story

Why us you may ask. Well our story started because we really wanted our work to positively impact the world that we live in. And for us, we believe that we can achieve our purpose through tackling the challenges in the food industry.

From the huge hypermarkets to the corner neighbourhood grocers in the cities, most of them provided us with processed foodstuff made with additives and artificial flavourings. Natural, healthy alternative choices were limited and we had no idea what was the impact of processed food on our health and our environment especially since as normal consumers, we aren’t privy to details of its manufacturing process.

So we set out searching for quality food that was raised with the environment in mind. We wanted to bring back foods of unique varieties for our families and friends as we firmly believe that our communities should have access to good, healthy food.

We came to realise the importance of having partners who use organic and sustainable farming methods because that was the 'how' that assured us of its positive impact on the environment and enabled us to experience the nuances of each variety's flavour.

We felt that good food should be sustainable in order for us to enjoy them for many generations to come.

Now, we humbly present the treasures that we found at the end of the rainbow and we hope that you'll enjoy them as we continue to seek out more of such treasures to delight you, our friend and customer.

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