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Oro del Desierto Picual (250ml)



Oro del Desierto Picual is an organic mono-varietal extra virgin olive oil that is produced from a 2-phase cold extraction process with early harvested olives of the Picual variety during Oct-Nov whereby 75-80% of the olives are still green.

Aroma: Persistent harmonic green sensations of freshly-mown lawns aroma with notes of olive leaves and figs.

Flavour: Sharp, piquant and bitter with an peppery green after-taste.

Total Polyphenol Content of 450-600mg/kg.

Use with Soups, Sauces or on medium heat for cooking or frying.

Oro del Desierto Picual has won numerous awards in the Organic Intense Fruitiness Categories of international olive oil competitions.

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