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Oro del Desierto Coupage (250ml)



Oro del Desierto Coupage is carefully created by the master taster and blender after every harvest season from the oils of the Arbequina, Hojiblanca and Picual olive varieties.

The mono-varietal oils are produced from a 2-phase cold extraction process with early harvested olives during Oct-Nov whereby 75-80% of the olives are still green.

Aroma: Touches of recently-cut grass, tomatoes, green olives with hints of citrus and dried fruits.

Flavour: Smooth, light bitterness and an almost un- noticeable peppery finish. Light after-taste of spices.

Total Polyphenol Content of 450-600mg/kg.

The Coupage consistently wins in international olive oil competitions every year and is also the Winner of the World's 2nd Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2016/2017.
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