MILTON Solo Steriliser (1.25L)

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Key features


▪️ 2 in 1 microwave or cold water Single Bottle Steriliser.

▪️ Ideal for travel, overnight stays or when you’re away from home.

▪️ Sterilises from 2 minutes in the microwave and in 15 mins with cold water.

▪️ Unique safety vent technology to increase the temperature for better sterilisation.

▪️ Innovative lay-flat lip to fit all microwaves.

▪️ Contents stay sterile for 24 hours.

▪️ BPA free.


Directions for use:


The cold water method


1. Clean Wash bottles in warm soapy water, then rinse in cold water.

2. Prepare SolutionPlace everything inside the Milton Solo, with the bottle opening facing upwards, then pour water into the bottle until it overflows into the Milton Solo and reaches the 1.25L fill line. Add 1 quarter of a standard Milton Sterilising Tablet or 7.5ml of Milton Sterilising Fluid.

3. Close, Shake and Wait - Screw the lid on, press the safety vent down and gently shake the Solo – the bottle will be ready for use in just 15 minutes. Do not carry a Solo full of water or sterilising solution as it could leak through the valve. Always carry your Solo upright.


The microwave method


1. Clean - Wash bottles in warm soapy water, then rinse in cold water.

2. Fill - Pour 60ml of water into the Milton Solo.

3. Load - Load bottle with the opening facing down, screw the lid on, then press the safety vent down.

4. Microwave - The Solo should be put upright in a microwave but can be placed on its side in compact microwaves. 2 mins at 1100-1850W; 4 mins at 850-1000W; 6 mins at 500-800W.

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