MILTON Laundry Duo (Laundry Liquid 1000ml + Antibacterial Laundry Tablets 12s)

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Laundry Liquid - Current Expiry: 12/2025


The Milton Laundry Liquid (New Formula) cleans and effectively removes dirt and laundry tasks of the whole family. Ideal for baby's soft skin, the liquid detergent with the delicate fragrance of Douceur de Coton is effective from 30°C on white or colored laundry (excluding delicate laundry). RECYCLABLE BOTTLE WITH MEASURING CAP


Antibacterial Laundry Tablets - Current Expiry: 01/2026


NEW - Effective on bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus


▪️ Kills 99.9% of bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses incl. Coronavirus from 30°C.

▪️ Disinfect, remove stains and bad smells from your laundry.

▪️ Bleach-free, suitable for all textiles even delicate items.

▪️ Mineral-based ingredients.

▪️ Suitable for whites and coloured clothes.

▪️ Avoid long cycles at high temperatures.

▪️ Mint fragrance.

▪️ No ingredients from animal origin and not tested on animals.

▪️ Made in France.


Directions for use: Place 1 Tablet in laundry machine drum with clothes.  

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