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Reduces scars after caesarean section, softens and flattens scars, reduces redness, swelling, itching and protects delicate surgical wounds.

This new innovation of maternity panties cares for caesarean incisions uses the same medical-grade silicone technology patented from the United States that surgeons use. It protects and cares for caesarean sections, reduces redness / itching and scarring.


  • Includes medical-grade silicone pad to moisturize, soften and flatten scars as well as protects delicate surgical wounds.
  • Special woven fabric increases pressure on the caesarean wound to soften and flatten the wound. 
  • Provides support and relief, reduces tingling while standing. Helps the uterus to recover faster and speeds up recovery to pre-pregnancy shape.
  • Increases pressure to tighten the abdomen and reduce swelling in the abdomen. 
  • Supports the abdomen and reduces movement of stomach.
  • Soft, good ventilation, not stuffy. Fabric woven with 80% nylon, 20% spandex (gusset woven with 100% cotton).


  • CesarCare can be used when the incision is completely dry and the scabs have fallen off.
  • Do not use on fresh wounds, a wound that has not yet scabbed or infected wounds.
  • Do not apply lotions or other creams around the wound. This can impair the effectiveness of CesarCare.
  • For maximum effect, CesarCare should be worn at least 12-23 hours per day for the silicone pad to cover the scar as long as possible


      SIZE  Waist circumference (CM) Waist circumference (IN)
      M 56-97 CM 22-38 IN
      L 61-112 CM 28-44 IN


      • Use in washing machine in a garment bag. 
      • Wash with mild detergent, dry in shade, do not tumble dry.
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      Type Maternity Wear
      Size M, L
      Color Nude, Black
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