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ShapeFixer is an underwear that tightens the body after giving birth. Specially designed for mothers, it quickly restores the shape to pre-pregnancy. It increases the pressure on the abdomen to help the uterus recover faster and reduce abdominal swelling after childbirth.   

**The fabric is firm like CesarCare but without the front silicone sheet.**


  • Helps support the abdomen while moving. Tighten sagging muscles from childbirth.
  • High-waisted fit that wraps around the body.
  • Instantly adjust your beautiful shape back to a flat belly. Comfortable to wear both day and night.
  • Tightly woven fabric, comfortable and without seams.
  • Soft, well-ventilated, not stuffy, woven fabric with 80% nylon and 20% spandex (gusset woven with 100% cotton).
  • Anti-roll-down trouser edge. Seamless and free from elastic and does not irritate the skin.

For mothers who gave birth by caesarean section, we recommend CesarCare panties with a silicone pad sewn on the front. It accelerates wound healing, reduces scars, and has the same texture as ShapeFixer.


      SIZE  Waist circumference (CM) Waist circumference (IN)
      M 56-97 CM 22-38 IN
      L 61-112 CM 28-44 IN


      • Use in washing machine in a garment bag. 
      • Wash with mild detergent, dry in shade, do not tumble dry.
      Vendor SCENZE
      Type Maternity Wear
      Size M, L
      Weight 0 g